Washboard Willy

A one of a kind percussionist, Willy took an old washboard and transformed it into the Whiskett Rhythm Board. Washboard Willy travels the continent sharing his infectious love for music with “Children of All Ages”!

About Washboard Willy

Washboard Willy is a powerful interactive entertainer, combining crazy sound effects and rhythm you can dance to – making everyone smile !

Often described as the “Pied Piper” of rhythm, Washboard’s over the top energy is infectious. If you are part of the audience, soon you will have an instrument in your hand and find that you’ve joined “Willy’s Washboard Jamboree”!

Our solution to staying safe and STILL BE INTERACTIVE,
Willy’s Washboard Jamboree encourages YOU to:

Clap your Hands!!!
Stomp your Feet!!!
Get your Dance On!!!
and Sing Along!!!

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Willy’s Wonders Sound Tracks

Willy's Wonders Sound Tracks
Washboard Willy is a unique, interactive children’s entertainer that provides a special combination of rhythm, sound effects, and comedy to delight everyone. Willy’s love of people and music shows in a special warmth, energy, and spontaneity that irresistibly captures one’s imagination.

With his own kind of energy, Washboard Willy has become a Pied Piper of Rhythm for children of all ages. His interactive style connects with all audiences. During his performance he will pass out hand-held rhythm instruments to the kids and together they become Willy’s Washboard Jamboree.

With thimbles on his gloves and bells and whistles on his rhythm board, Washboard Willy is fast becoming a low tech, high energy washboard legend known around the world.

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Willy’s Wonders, by Larry Hiskett

Willy’s Wonders is a unique slice of life that offers a fresh perspective on hope and trust. It offers us a pied piper, a teacher, someone that reclaims his gifts and uses them. It is a comedic look at larger-than-life characters set in the rural Rocky Mountain community of Yampa, Colorado.

Three orphans are taken under the wing of a good-natured musical vagabond and find a new direction in life through Willy’s “special” gifts. At the same time, the children give Willy a new focus on the wonder of life. The adventure begins when the orphans run away from the menacing clutches of the head mistress, of the Hannibal Home for Wayward Children, Big Bertha. Willy, and his newly blended family, finds a safe haven at a cafe run by a kindly woman, known to everyone as Mom. The cafe is filled with an assortment of colorful characters from a crazy cowboy poet to a stressed-out mountain man, a puffy, one-eyed sheriff to a stuffy banker, and the overly dust-conscious waitress and her submissive, mechanic, husband. Three musical hobos, clumsily, follow in Willy’s wake. The story is rounded out by a mischievous ghost who delights
in getting even with anyone who gets in the way of his merriment. It all culminates in a live benefit to save Mom’s Cafe.

Willy’s Wonders is a comedic story with a message geared for children but with appeal for all. It’s good clean fun. The messages are positive without being face slapping.

Willy's Wonders Book Cover

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